Publish With OneHitGamer

Q: WHat can OHG offer me?
A: There are several benefits of publishing with OHG.
1. You KEEP 100% of your ad revenue and sales.
2. No matter the project, you aways have our skills to utilize. From art, assets and other such design talents. We are here to help you make your project the best it can be. Want a comic scene in your game? No problem. Want professional music and sound effects? No problem. Want your app to steal the souls of its users? Problem. I mean, we can do that...but theres legalities and such. Sorry.
3. We have connections. We have viral capabilities. We have push and pull. We know what steps to take to get your app/game hits. We may be NEW, and in the build phase of the company, but we have done this before. With other such content. Only now, today, we are applying it to games and apps for you, for the first time.

Q: OK, How do i submit my projects to OHG?
A: Easy. Send a sample android .APK or iOS TestFlight inventation to
We will get back to you shortly after.

Q: What if i get rejected or my project isnt good enough?
A: You WILL NOT GET REJECTED. If you want to publish with OHG, you WILL publish with OHG. We will help you get your project up to par if needed. No matter what, we will accept you. Take advantage of our talents to help polish your games and apps.