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I'm unable to test these codes on the EUR, however one of the first sphere grid codes I found was through the help of another forum showing Auron's address, the exact same address listed here, so there's a chance these codes are universal.

The following addresses are for each character's sphere grid level. The max value can only be 100 (0x64).
Code: Select all
Titus Sphere Grid     0x8262BEA7
Yuna Sphere Grid      0x8262BF3B
Auron Sphere Grid     0x8262BFCF
Wakka Sphere Grid     0x8262C0F7
Lulu Sphere Grid      0x8262C18B
Kimahri Sphere Grid   0x8262C063
Rikku Sphere Grid     0x8262C21F

Here is the first address for primary inventory, meaning all usable items and no key items or equipment. Every item is located at an offsest of +0x2 from the previous, so if item 1 was at address 0x80002, then item two would be at 0x80004. Typical value is XX 20, depending on how you look at the memory. There are only 111 items you can add into the inventory, so try not to overdo it.
Code: Select all

This next code is the first address for the quantity of each item. Max value is 99 (0x63). Like the previous code, all items are at an offset from one another, only it's +0x1 instead.
Code: Select all

Finally, the values for the primary item code [0x8262A76C]. These values are put in the XX spot.
Code: Select all
Potion                       00
Hi-Potion               01
X-Potion                02
Mega-Potion             03
Ether                   04
Turbo Ether             05
Phoenix Down            06
Mega Phoenix            07
Elixer                  08
Megalixer               09
Antidote                0A
Soft                    0B
Eye Drops               0C
Echo Screen             0D
Holy Water              0E
Remedy                  0F
Power Distiller         10      
Mana Distiller          11
Speed Distiller         12
Ability Distiller       13
Al Bhed Potion          14
Healing Water           15
Tetra Elemental         16
Antarctic Wind          17
Arctic Wind             18
Ice Gem                 19
Bomb Fragment           1A
Bomb Core               1B
Fire Gem                1C
Electro Marble          1D
Lightning Marble        1E
Lightning Gem           1F
Fish Scale              20
Dragon Scale            21
Water Gem               22
Grenade                 23
Frag Grenade            24
Sleeping Powder         25
Dream Powder            26
Silence Grenade         27
Smoke Bomb              28
Shadow Gem              29
Shining Gem             2A
Blessed Gem             2B
Supreme Gem             2C
Poison Fang             2D
Silver Hourglass        2E
Gold Hourglass          2F
Candle of Life          30
Pretrify Grenade        31
Farplane Shadow         32
Farplane Wind           33
Designer Wallet         34
Dark Matter             35
Chocobo Feather         36
Chocobo Wing            37
Lunar Curtain           38
Light Curtain           39
Star Curtain            3A
Healing Spring          3B
Mana Spring             3C
Stamina Spring          3D
Soul Spring             3E
Purifying Salt          3F
Stamina Tablet          40
Mana Tablet             41
Twin Stars              42
Stamina Tonic           43
Mana Tonic              44
Three Stars             45
Power Sphere            46
Mana Sphere             47
Speed Sphere            48
Ability Sphere          49
Fortune Sphere          4A
Attribute Sphere        4B
Special Sphere          4C
Skill Sphere            4D
Wht Magic Sphere        4E
Blk Magic Sphere        4F
Master Sphere           50
Lv. 1 Key Sphere        51
Lv. 2 Key Sphere        52
Lv. 3 Key Sphere        53
Lv. 4 Key Sphere        54
HP Sphere               55
MP Sphere               56
Strength Sphere         57
Defense Sphere          58
Magic Sphere            59
Magic Def Sphere        5A
Agility Sphere          5B
Evasion Sphere          5C
Accuracy Sphere         5D
Luck Sphere             5E
Clear Sphere            5F
Return Sphere           60
Friend Sphere           61
Teleport Sphere         62
Warp Sphere             63
Map                     64
Rename Card             65
Musk                    66
Hypello Potion          67
Shining Thorn           68
Pendulum                69
Amulet                  6A
Door to Tomorrow        6B
Wings of Discovery      6C
Gambler's Spirit        6D
Underdog's Secret       6E
Winning Formula         6F
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The following will be reserved for actual cheat codes for use with the game.

GoHANMem codes:

Full Inventory/Every Item (Minus Key Items and Weapons/Armor):
Code: Select all
# Infinite/Full Inventory
# Infinite/Full Inventory
Max Sphere Lvl All:
Code: Select all
#Max Sphere Lvl All
The above codes are formatted this way due to how GoHANMem reads the code data, and can't be used with RinCheat due to it's lack of a Loop Code. Any codes useful for both will created for both.

RinCheat Codes:

Max Sphere Lvl All:
Code: Select all
#Titus Max Sphere Lvl
@0x8262BEA7 @0x64 @1
#Yuna Max Sphere Lvl
@0x8262BF2B @0x64 @1
#Auron Max Sphere Lvl
@0x8262BFCF @0x64 @1
#Kimahri Max Sphere Lvl
@0x8262C063 @0x64 @1
#Wakka Max Sphere Lvl
@0x8262C0F7 @0x64 @1
#Lulu Max Sphere Lvl
@0x8262C18B @0x64 @1
#Rikku Max Sphere Lvl
@0x8262C21F @0x64 @1
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