Publish With OneHitGamer Studios! [Privacy Policy At Bottom]

OneHitGamer Studios is not only a mobile game developer but also a publisher. If you are in need of a publisher, You found the right place! We aim to get the 'Little Guys' out there who cant normally do it themselves.

Q: How do i publish with OHG?

You can send us your .APK file of your android game or send us a TestFlight for your Apple game/app.

Send your APK/TestFlight to

Q: What if i get rejected by OHG?

You wont. We reject no one. If your app or game isnt up to par, we will help you polish it to be its best. FREE of charge.

Q: Why should i chose OHG and not another publisher?

We are new. Just getting started. But we have skills. Other publishers may be best for you. But they will sometimes demand a cut of your revenue. OHG lets you keep 100% of all monies made by your game. We also will market your work via social websites as well as the connections we have with many major websites and social pages. We also will use our talents that you may inject into your works. You also keep your own ads in your games. We do not touch anything.

Q: OK, Im ready. What now?

Send us those TestFlights or apks and we will get back to you within a day. We will speak about any quality changes you may wish to make. Or if your game is already top notch, We will have your games up on the stores quickly.

Q: Last question. WHats in it your OHG if everything is free?

Besides it warming our hearts to help others, we DO get something in return. We get your game to go big and guess what? Ours do as well. If your game goes viral, it naturally brings attention to our own games. So enough with the questions....Lets get started!

History - What is OneHitGamer?

I created OneHitGamer many years ago. It started out as a comic idea i had about a one hit wonder video game character who landed a job in a hit videogame...just to bomb out after. A one hit wonder so to speak. Eventually, I got int video game hacking. Creating codes for Codebreaker/Gameshark cheat devices. Which then OHG turned into one of the hottest places to go to learn game hacking. Mainly for the Playstation Portable handheld system. Since then, OneHitGamer spewed everywhere. YouTube, IGN, GameSpot you name it. Everyone was a fan. With over 350,000 registered forum members and millions of views. Still today you can google OneHitGamer and see thousand of websites talking about us. Fast forward to 2017 and we are now game devs. We still hack games of course. But today we are taking OHG to an entirely new level.

OneHitGamer Studios Privacy Policy

OneHitGamer Studios Privacy Policy OneHitGamer Studios, including its affiliates (“OHG”), Does NOT collect, store, or use your personal information as a data controller in connection with and in order to provide and develop OHG’s products, mobile applications, services or websites. For questions and information about Privacy Policy and data subject's rights, please contact us at onehitgamerstudios[a] OHG reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of Services will signify your acceptance of the changes to this Privacy Policy.

1. Ad Serving Technology
OneHitGamer Studios uses ad services like Admob, To display ads to you. This allows us to build revenue so we can keep creating great games for you to play, for free.

2. Location Data
OHG’s games and applications do NOT utilize this feature.

3. Friends and Sharing
Our games and apps will often utilize sharing to your social media accounts friends list. While the apps and games access this information, we however, do not. All access is done locally on your devices and directly communicates with your favorite social media servers, should you chose to use this feature.

4. Third Party Terms and Conditions
Often we make deals with third party companies to make games or apps for them. This means we will be displaying content from those companies and not just from OHG. No content will EVER be not safe for you or your child. Nor will we make deals with companies that do not meet our moral standards.

5. Safeguards
Regardless of these conditions, should you accept them, ALWAYS pay attention to what children play. Some content may be not acceptable by you. This is your responcibility to check what your children play. While OHG remains pretty clean with its content, this obviously is a good habit to have no matter whos games you or your kids play.

6. Developer and Publishing
OneHitGamer Studios is not only a video game developer but also a publisher to other developers created content. We only accept games that again, meet our quality and moral standards. Not all content is created by OHG but at times, by others whom we publish.


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